Operators in Ruby

There are a number of operators in ruby. Operators are those basic elements which do some operations on data like addition, subtraction, etc.

Arithmetic Operators

These are mathematics operators.

+addition4 + 5 = 9
-subtraction12 - 34 = -22
*Multiplication2*3 = 6
/Division, if both number are integers then integer is returned3/2=1 but 3.0/2 = 1.5
%modulus, return reminder after division5/2 = 1, 15/4 = 3
**power2**3 = 8 (2*2*2 = 8)

Comparison Operators

These operators compare condition and return true or false.

==return true if both are equal otherwise false2==2 is true
!=return true if both sides are not equal2!=2 is false
>return true if left side is greater4>2 is true
<return true if right side is greater2<4 is true
>=return true if right side is grater or equal4>=4,5>=4, both true
<=return true if left side is grater or equal4<=4,3<=4, both true
<=>return 0 if both equal, 1 if left greater and -1 if right greater4<=>3 returns 1
===return true if right is in the range of left(1...20) === 9 returns true.

Assignment Operators:

These operators assign the value to any variable after doing operation.

=assign valuea = 12
+=add right side to left sidea+=b same as a = a+b
-=subtract right side from left sidea-=b same as a = a-b
*=multiply right side to left sidea*=b same as a = a*b
/=divide right side by left sidea/=b same as a = a/b
%=divide right side by left side and assign reminder to right sidea%=b same as a = a%b
**=raise left side index as right sidea**=b same as a = a**b

Parallel Assignment:

In ruby, we can assign values to multiple variables in same line.

  1. # variables as well as values are saperated by comma.
  2. name, age = 'harish',20
  3. print "name is #{name} and age is #{age}"


  1. name is harish and age is 20

Bitwise Operators:

If you are aware of binary numbers then ruby also provides bitwise operators. Lets take an example a = 23 (in binary, a =10111) and b = 43 (in binary, b = 101011). a&b; =3 (in binary, 000011). '&' is Binary AND operator. All operators are similar.

&Binary AND operatora&b; = 3
|Binary OR operatora|b = 63
^Binary XOR operatora^b = 60
~Binary AND operator~23 = -24
>>Right shift operator23>>2 = 95
<<Left shift operator23<<2 = 5

Logical Operators:

These operators are also compare values and return true or false.

andboth sides are true
orat least one side is true
&&both sides are true
||at least one side is true
!reverse the logical state, true becomes false
notsame as !

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