How to submit a guest post

I am glad to know that you have shown interest to contribute on my blog. For any query contact at

Disclaimer: We do not publish any kind of propaganda or posts that hurt public sentiments.

Step 1:

Choose a topic relevant to the following categories:

  1. Web development
  2. Mobile Development
  3. Machine Learning and AI
  4. Internet of things
  5. Entrepreneurship
    1. Opportunity
    2. New developments
    3. Hot technologies
  6. Geopolitics
    1. Impact on business
    2. New business opportunities
  7. Blogging
    1. Focus areas
    2. Trends

Step 2:

Make sure:

  • Your post must complete and comprehensive with minimum 750 words.
  • Your post is not political.
  • Your post contains original quality content.
  • Your post must not be verbose.
  • No promotion post for your website/ product.

Step 3:

Send Doc/ Docx file along with image attachment/image links at Your post will be published in maximum 24 hours. 

General Questions:

1. Will I get a dofollow link?

Yes, only one in your bio under the post.

2. Can I include external links and images in the post?

Yes, you have to add relevant external references and images in the post. Although these references will be no-follow.

3. What is the word limit for the post?

Your content must be original, complete and comprehensive. It must have a minimum of 750 words. There is no upper limit until it is not verbose.

4. Will my post be edited to add internal links?

Yes, for the convenience of your readers and for SEO purposes, keywords in the post will be hyperlinked with internal links. Some related articles can be suggested to read.

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