Flowkl shares valuable, and reliable knowledge on various topics concerning the latest technology and business that a technical core team member needs to know.

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    • More focus on application level instead of just syntax or basic implementation
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    Founder of Flowkl, Sachin Kumar

    Sachin Kumar, founder of flowkl.com, is a global business analyst. His entrepreneurial spirit made him self-employed after his formal studies. He writes about technology and business transformation frequently.

    Founder of Find All Together, Harish Kumar

    Harish, a fullstack developer at www.lyflink.com with five year experience in full stack web and mobile development, spends most of his time on coding, reading, analysing and curiously following businesses environments. He is a non-graduate alumni from IIT Roorkee, Computer Science and frequently writes on both technical and non-technical topics.

    There are several guest writers as well. For more information on guest posts visit this page  Contribute at Flowkl.

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