Web Design Trends of 2021 and the Future

2015 is done halfway, and web design is getting ready for the future with new trends. One needs to weed out the old trends and replace them with newer strategies. According to the present web design trends, user experience is an important topic for all companies.

With Responsive Web Design enveloping all mobile platforms, webpages now have some predictable patterns. A 3-up stack of boxes with a 9x9 grid format is how most of the best websites look on a mobile gadget.

In 2016, one can expect design to add to new and unique user experiences. To achieve this, designers have been integrating lots of personal touches and some custom-created illustration work with an unconventional way of storytelling for making an impression.

Unique Ways of Grid Utilization

One can expect lots of websites to make use of organic freedom within a website. One might notice photos being stacked on top of each other and with every rollover action, the Z-index of the image shifts, pushing it to the top.

Custom-Drawn Illustrations

One might not always rely on icons and instead bring existing vector packs from the web. Although this line of thought would save time and budget, using custom-made illustrations in the project budget will help in getting the unique look and feel for the website that can greatly aid in telling stories and creating a memorable user experience in the long run.

Accessibility to Great Typefaces

Google has been helpful for designers with its free font collection. Designers will look to accessing great looking typefaces that can be acquired with a limited budget along with varying styles, weights, and many more so that they are suitable for making your website unique and influential.

Advent of Cinemagraphs

People usually love cinematography since they are photos that move. The website acquires a certain mood with cinematography and even adds a layer of wonder and elegance to the site. This cinematography do not take up much bandwidth like videos and are not only simple still shots. It is expected to be integrated into websites in the near future.

Websites Through the Use of Storytelling

Storytelling through a website can be quite complex. Good websites with lots of storytelling might need high-speed internet connections.

Using sequence after sequence of a story, the user can be dragged into the daily activities and the target product of the site.
Rely on a sensible story to put your point across. A site that is hosting information on yoga can actually go through the entire routine and then have a video that summarizes the benefits of yoga on different parts of the body.
One can even reveal the benefit of other health tech gadgets that can help in the chores.
The story-telling interaction can help users to browse products that are related to fitness without even being aware of it.
Integrating storytelling on websites is an art and should be used as a design trend for the near future. Teaching a user to create the perfect brew can inspire the user to make the purchase of a coffee blend too.

Use of Semi-flat design

Flat design has now given way to semi-flat design. After Windows launched the Metro style in its Windows 8 UI, the design world stuck to the trend. The trend has now given way to semi-flat design since most of the mobile app platforms are focusing on the style. Using depth and dimension to flat design and use of subtle shadows, card concepts, and smart transitions can help companies to attract users. This type of design also eliminates the problems of flat design too.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is still in. It is important for companies that after the implementation of RWD, one should not turn back and do not stick with redundant designs. More and more devices are being sold in the market and hence responsive practices on websites will help in adding flexibility as an important trend for years to come.


Many sites already utilize parallax. Parallax is an effect that is applied to the velocity and movement of the entire background imagery, thus leading the user to different settings. The background of the website will be set in a motion that is different from the elements on the rest of the page, thereby adding layers of depth to the page. Handling such effects on the web is crucial as several platforms are still thinking of implementing Parallax in an efficient manner. Access to animations will add interest in the minds of users. This trend is bound to attract more fun, in an interactive, and educational way.

Lazy Loading

Websites sometimes include feed content continuously and lazy loading trend will help users to view immediate website content without loading the entire page. Twitter for instance relies on this trend to show the latest tweets. Sites that are visual and social like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest can utilize Lazy Loading to great effect. This approach will also simplify the viewing of content by loading only parts of the page at a time.

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I am Sachin Kumar. I am a freelancer who works in front-end and Flutter. Here at flowkl.com, I write about CSS animations and beautiful UI & UX in Flutter. You can contact me at sachin@flowkl.com

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