5 Ways for Fueling Your Website with a Compelling Landing Page

As we all know, the car engine runs on fuel. And, your “website is like a car engine without fuel”. However, you can make your site run by adding fuel to it in terms of a compelling landing page.

Simply put, creating an effective landing page can help in fueling your website traffic. To be more specific, a landing page helps in driving traffic from many different sources than the same page on your site. Most importantly, a landing page help in promoting your brand.

In this post, I'll be talking about 5 ways that will help fuel your website using a compelling landing page. But, let's first understand why you should use a landing page for your website.

Why You Should Consider Creating a Landing Page For Your Site?

Not all the users would like to have a broad introduction of what all things you have to offer. Moreover, displaying more information than required in home page can distract users from finding things they've been looking for.

With the increasing competition in the online marketplace, consumers get several opportunities to compare between different online stores, but they have limited time to perform such a search. But, by creating a landing page for your site, you can narrow your focus towards presenting your target users with essential information that encourages them to take the desired action.

What's more? A compelling landing page helps in achieving better search engine ranking. Wondering how? Well, it's a well-known fact that the search engine giant Google (and many other search engines) focus on relevancy and delivering optimal user experience, and want sites to help people find what they've been looking for. Since landing pages help users take quick action, it increases your chances of outranking your competitors.

Ways to Fuel Your Website With Help of a Compelling Landing Page

So, you may have created a compelling landing page. But, do you know what is the best way to use that landing page? Following are some great options you can consider to use your landing page in the most effective manner:

1. To tell the target audience about product launch.

Is your product still in development phase? Do you want to create anticipation among your target audience about your product launch? Whatever your need may be, a landing page can help promote your product just like a “coming soon” page.

2. For advertising your products.

Product advertisements are usually placed in any one of three places, namely: homepage, product page or shopping cart. Out of these three pages, the product's page contains maximum number of ads. But sadly, there is still likelihood that your users will wander off, without even looking at your advertisements.

But, a landing page serves as a great sale funnel that brings users' attention towards the product – that you would like to sell.

3. Showcase promotional offers into different segments.

Merely adding a single offer might not be able to attract attention of all your users. This is because everyone has different tastes, while some may like using printable discount coupons, other users would rather wish to redeem promotion codes online. Thanks, to a landing page, you can move your visitors in the direction as you like.

4. Help segment your traffic.

People coming to your site reading a tweet or a little posts on any other social media channel will most likely want to access more details, in order to make a purchase decision. Creating a landing page for each of your most important source will prove quite effective in attracting different user groups.

Basically, just like segmented offers, a landing page can also be used for traffic segmentation.

5. Can be used as a direction in your PPC campaign.

Today, consumers are becoming increasingly impatient and will leave your website immediately if it takes more than a few seconds to present them with information that matches their purpose. Similarly, your PPC campaign will fail if the keywords included in your ad copy doesn't match with the ones your user might be using for relevant searches on Google and other search engines.

But, by creating a product-specific landing page or one running promotions that match the intent of advertisements that are used by your target audience to reach your site can help increase conversion rates.


Hope that this post will help you make the best possible use of your landing page to fuel your website – traffic and conversion rate.

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About Sachin Kumar

I am Sachin Kumar. I am a freelancer who works in front-end and Flutter. Here at flowkl.com, I write about CSS animations and beautiful UI & UX in Flutter. You can contact me at sachin@flowkl.com

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