Best 10 Amazing Mobile Design Trends

In recent times mobile internet is rising speedily than the desktop internet as huge number of users is connecting internet through mobile devices in the last five years. When mobile is currently the popular viewing device, thus designing for mobile should be extremely trendy. Every now and then a change is noticed in the design trends. For last few years more minimalistic, flat designs were seen around that have been replaced with hard elements.

We’ve suggested 10 best mobile design trends that we put forward you.

1. Animated Elements

Animations are more often used in a more creative, efficient and inspirational role when mobile is concerned mainly. Animations always direct the users for better effectual and pleasurable experience. When executed accurately, the users can have easy time in interpreting these animations which are interactive and which are only for show purpose.

2. Subtle Color Palettes

This year bold and flashy palettes have been replaced by simple, subtle color schemes. The subtle colors can surely draw the attention of the users to a great extent. You’ll come across multiple contrasts in the subtle color palettes that will create the flat design into more optimized forms, and elements into more interactive mode. Thus subtle colors are very well executed in the mobile apps.

3. Storytelling

With few new effects being added in the mobile design, the storytelling will obtain a completely new form. The stories will go for more interactive function, and create stimulating practices with full focus on UI and UX. You will notice animation being utilized hand-in-hand along with storytelling elements to assist in bringing up such stories in lively mode.

4. More Scrolling

In 2015 scrolling in mobile apps has made better sense with one of web’s leading trends, parallax scrolling. It assists in receiving the animation as well as more of interactive storytelling to the higher level in the mobile design. The parallax executing will further include depth to the mobile design greatly. Apart from this, there are infinite and modular scrolling that are used in few mobile apps. Both horizontal and vertical scrolling can also be seen used to craft few magnificent effects to pour superb user experience.

5. Simplified User Interface

The flat design is supported on concentrating on simplicity as well as clarity to alleviate the functionality, and highlight usability. The user interfaces are acquiring easier and more minimalistic way. The designers are keeping white on the background on purpose to offer better clarity and easiness through the whole app. Canopy is an app that uses white background, and allows its users view the curated and excellent products at Amazon.

6. Blurred Backgrounds

Blurred backgrounds are being accepted hugely in mobile app development. They are used this year for not only crafting a sober, pleasurable design visually, but also to generate focus on significant elements. With the use of blurred imagery, the users will get to know which is interactive and which is not. They will be provided bolder designs with call to action buttons that are pretty outstanding.

7. Gestures

Gestures are highly in demand when it comes to large screen of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Gestures have differed hugely this year as the entire operating system has turned into an input method. The use of gestures provide commands to the app, that includes touch [tap], swipe left, drag, scroll down, pinch open, swipe right, long press, pinch close, double touch, and scroll up, to craft a more affluent user experience.

8. Use of Images

Pictures are considered faster than the words. So the more creative images based on the list with an apparent icon, it conveys what type of contents the users will acquire after tapping on the item. Even larger the app screen, the better is the visibility of the innovative images.

9. Depth and Weight

Depth can be included to the design using layers and transparency. Just like last year, the depth and weight rules in 2015, but delicate forms of sleuomorphic cues increase the real estate of app exhibits and assist the users acquaint themselves in contextual locations. While Google apps are flat in appearance and match to the firm grid, the elements within encompass their depth and existence.

10. Hidden Menus

Though screens may be getting bigger, but mobile apps provide less working space as compared to laptop and desktop. One main resolution is the hide functionality till it is required, popping the layers like overlay, hardlight, softlight and darken textures as the user navigate via the app.

Hence, by now you might have enjoyed going through the above mobile design trends of this year that you can implement on your mobile site, catching the eyes of more regular visitors.

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About Sachin Kumar

I am Sachin Kumar. I am a freelancer who works in front-end and Flutter. Here at, I write about CSS animations and beautiful UI & UX in Flutter. You can contact me at

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Best 10 Amazing Mobile Design Trends

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