8 Mobile App Design Trends You’d Regret Missing In 2021

Being in the middle of 2021, we definitely can’t ignore the significance of designing remarkable mobile apps for gaining an extra edge over our competitors. Thanks to the mobile app design trends, we can leverage them to handle varied app design problems with complete ease. Driven by a range of factors, these design trends are expected to take the world of mobile app design by a wave. So, let’s now dig deeper into eight of the captivating mobile app design trends that will enable you to earn your place in today’s competitive business ecosystem.

Paying special attention to the use of the right colours

Colours have always been regarded as an imperative component of every mobile app design. While the use of hard and realistic colours is still on, there has been a growing use of softer and subtle colour palettes as well. So, if you’re about to design an iOS app, it is recommended to go through the colours that Apple advises the app designers to use. The website named ios7colors.com will help you find the right colours that should go into your next iOS application.

Design for the Larger screens

The popularity of smartphones and phablets with larger screens is expected to grow this year as well in all the forthcoming years. With more and more users preferring the usage of mobile apps, it has become essential to pay attention to designing apps keeping the larger browsing screens in mind. You need to keep in mind that the mobile users operate their devices using a single thumb and hold it in the bottom right corner. Maintaining a suitable UX design approach will serve as the right means of creating a fantastic mobile app.

Use the translucent UI elements

When it comes to designing an iOS application, the use of overlaying, transparent and blurred layers or elements has served as an excellent methodology. This approach to app design will allow the users to focus on the vital elements that have been laid on the top. It is a blurred out information that makes the user curious enough to wonder what exactly is laying behind the respective translucent layer.

The right use of animated effects

The more interactive your app is, the greater number of users can be expected for the same. Here, animation serves as the most effective means of drawing the attention of targeted app users. Therefore, use animation in a lot more functional way as compared to the typical visual perspective. Implementing animation properly will allow your users to decipher the information provided within the app, effectively. All in all, an animation would not only render an element of entertainment to the app but also make it more and more personalized- encouraging users to stay on the app for longer durations of time.

Special emphasis on designing UX/UI for Wearable devices

The sky-rocketing success of wearable devices like smartwatches and smart glasses has made it imperative for every app designer to adopt innovative design paradigms that can be utilized for designing an utmost efficient UI/UX for the apps targeting wearable devices. It is better to avoid including a lot of complex features in such apps because the wearable devices come with limited functionality, navigation and the content that needs to be displayed. Just the size of text and legibility are two key features that need to be considered during app designing for wearable gadgets. You must be all geared up for dealing with certain particularities of wearables like hidden menus, gesture-driven navigation, absence of animations etc.

Perfect use of Parallax Scrolling

By using parallax scrolling in your mobile apps, you’ll be able to take your mobile design to an entirely new level of excellence. Unlike conventional flat designs, parallax scrolling would add a lot more depth to your mobile designs, making them truly commendable. Scrolling will undoubtedly become the next ‘Big’ thing in the world of mobile app design.

Ditching Text for Images

Google’s Android has mentioned in its Design Guidelines “Picture is faster than worlds.”. That means people will be able to recognize a sign much faster as compared to reading a specific line of text. Bidding adieu to the boring lists, the trend of using image-based lists will continue to gain traction in the world of mobile app design and development.

Using the right kind of typography

As an attempt to achieve a good hierarchy between headlines and paragraphs, it is recommended to use the right kind of font or style. You must be competent in implementing scalable typography that can fit any device with any screen size and resolution. The smartphone app biggies namely Google and Apple have already developed new typefaces that can be used for their platforms to engage maximum users.


While it’s a bit hard to say which of the above mentioned mobile app design trends will survive in the future, following them today will definitely allow you to deliver great-looking apps that function impressively.

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