Technology is an ever evolving subject that makes it hard for the employees and students pursuing it to keep up with the competition. It always calls for more intellectual development in a fast pace and the acquiring of new skills and talents are the yardstick with which your future is measured. With basics of code writing and programming being initiated to new and powerful languages such as Ruby, Cpp, Java and Python frequently, learning these has become a tedious task.

Online learning can be of great help here, the sheer power of the internet is very well manifested through online learning. The concept has rooted itself of the idea of intellectual freedom allowing anybody with potential and time to harness it. But as any other industrious and powerful tools people can easily avail, online learning also suffers some major setbacks.

The Pros and Cons of online learning

  • The most feasible advantage of online learning is that it comes to you at your convenience. The mobility of the internet is unfathomable. With advanced mobile technology and faster networks it’s easier to avail contents anywhere you are. Unlike classroom based education where the received information is often from a single source the online study systems provide information from multiple sources making it much more authentic than traditional education system.
  • There are many websites that specializes in personal care where chat based discussion platforms are provided. Study materials can also be emailed for future references. With video streaming becoming more and more popular and major universities like MIT providing online courses the future of online learning is set on the high path. The increased college fees also acts as a catalyst to improve the reception of online learning.
  • With a lot of websites providing online courses it’s up to the users to decide what to choose and what not to. The major potholes are that many substandard websites which claim to give quality education can be seen functioning without a proper syllabus. The importance of syllabus is that the students themselves get an opportunity to assess their development. Though most of the reputed websites provide certificate courses with validity extending to that of proper university diplomas, there are sites that take advantage and ends up delivering nothing. It should be the student’s responsibility to move away from the sites that provide ambiguous information.
  • Technical learning must be taken seriously because in the field of information technology wrong information can make you highly vulnerable to errors that might end up in losing your job or reputation. In the case of learning advanced programming and development software languages it’s important to have well-defined knowledge about the preceding software’s and hence the websites that are deemed worthy should provide access to backward reference to the prior languages.

Some online resources

Here is the list of some great online resources:

For serious learners

Before you start taking online learning seriously, you should confirm that you are equipped properly.

  • Always check the compatibility of your computer or device to decode the learning materials and platforms.
  • Check that the website is verified, and the course has approval.
  • Gear up with webcam and mic; continued communication with your tutor is very necessary.
  • Keep a printer and note taking software ready at hand while attending classes.
  • The most important factor is how you manage your time, keep a timetable and make sure that you attend at least 1 hour per day depending upon your course and other engagements.


The elements of online learning such as flash based learning tools and interactive web classrooms if used to the full extent can help you in a very proficient manner to develop your skill set. With time becoming scarcer in this ever shrinking world it is important that you keep yourself updated to keep up. In the end what will actually matter is not from where you took your degree but how much of contemporary knowledge you have and how much thirst to attain more is exhibited. Good Luck.

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About Sachin Kumar

I am Sachin Kumar. I am a freelancer who works in front-end and Flutter. Here at, I write about CSS animations and beautiful UI & UX in Flutter. You can contact me at

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Technology is an ever evolving subject that makes it hard for the employees and students pursuing it to keep up with ...

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