Essential things to approve your website for google adsense quickly?

First I worked with my blogging website I choose an attractive template for my website. But even after applying many times, google adsense didn't accept it. Then I bought my own domain and also improve my mistakes. I was approved just within 4 days of buying domain and web hosting ( one day take in registering domain, another in building website, third day taken by google and fourth day was mine). This time also I have only those 6 posts.

What change I did?

In this post, I am telling you what things are required for google adsense? I have a tracking system in my website. So, I will also tell you that on which pages they did visit.

1) Custom domain name:

This point may be frustrating to whose people who like working on free sub-domains. But it is true. I am not saying you must have your own domain for google adsense. But it raises your chances very much. It is the first impression to your website. If you don't like to buy your own website then you should wait with a lot of hard work to approve your website.

2) Front page:

It is the second thing that matters a lot. As I mansioned earlier that I have tracking system in my website, I noticed google poeple only visit my homepage. Yes, it's true. They only visited my home page in fist step ( the second step is to confirm that I am real owner of website) and confirmed my account. ( They visited my whole website after approving my account but for the purpose of categorize my website for ads.)

What should be on home page?:

  • Should be look like professional, i.e. rich template/theme
  • More text then images
  • Clear navigation to whole website
  • Don't set your website such that it appears like only for ads.

3) Valuable content:

It does not matter how much content you have on your website. But you must have a valuable content only. It is the last thing that you should remember. I had only 6 posts when I applied for google adsense.

4) More:

You should remember the following things:

  • You have not to copy and paste material from other posts or ebooks. Google is smart and it will capture you immediately and will through your link in their spam folder.
  • You do not have to promote visitors to click on your ads. Again google is smart and it captures fraud clicks. I have already experiment with it. It's true.

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About Sachin Kumar

I am Sachin Kumar. I am a freelancer who works in front-end and Flutter. Here at, I write about CSS animations and beautiful UI & UX in Flutter. You can contact me at

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